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Help Forum

  1. Subscriber Marinkatomb
    29 Apr '04 00:47
    I've brought this up before but don't think the idea got noticed.

    Would it be possible to set up a kind of Expert/Master/G.Master system on the site, similar to the one the US Chess federation use?

    A possible way this could work;

    Different rating banded tournaments would allow for the possiblity of players earning titles, based on their results.

    Im not sure what exactly is required to earn an 'Expert' or 'master' norm under the US system, but im sure it would be a popular addition to the site, as players can earn a title specific to their standard.

    It would be a mark of consistency.


    RHP/GM: (2100+ to enter)
    3 GM Norms required.
    1 Norm= top 2 finish in GM banded Tournie.

    RHP/M: (1800-2100 to enter)
    3 M Norms required.
    1 Norm=top 3 finish in M band Tournie.
    (Seeing as Tournaments between these bands contain so many more people i think three top3 finishes is asking a lot as it is.)

    RHP/Expert: (1600-1800 to enter)
    3 E Norms required.
    1 Norm=top 3 finish in E band Tournie.

    RHP/Contender: (/-1600 to enter)
    3 C Norms required.
    1 Norm=top 3 finish in C band Tournie.

    So, anyone think this idea is kind of groovey, hmmmm??😀
  2. Subscriber Marinkatomb
    29 Apr '04 02:47
    See General forum 😉