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  1. 21 Feb '04 22:01
    is it possible that it is the highest rating in the last 30 GAMES to determine if you can enter a tournament?

    what if we had a system which it was your highest rating in the last 30games and if you havent played 30 games or you havent played 30 games in the last month, then the 30 day rule should apply???

    this would be useful for a pler like me because a month ago my rating was 1215 by luck and im now at 1110 and its screwing up my ability to enter in another shot at the title
  2. Standard member Phlabibit
    Mystic Meg
    22 Feb '04 04:24 / 1 edit
    133 games at once might be the problem with your rating. People who play a lot of games at once will tend to have a lower rating than they deserve.

    Most people will "try harder" on a tournament game. So you (as an example) might play like a 1300 player concentrating on a game rather than an 1100 player making several moves a day.

    I don't think russ should change this rule the way he has it set up.

  3. 22 Feb '04 04:48
    yeh eversince i subscribed my rating has been lower ...ill try to limit my games and see wat happens....thanx
  4. Standard member Phlabibit
    Mystic Meg
    22 Feb '04 06:11
    Now the question is "Can you do it!?"

    I think 34 was the most I ever had... 20 or so games gives me plenty to think about. I still run out of moves some times, next day I usually have 10 or so to make.

  5. 23 Feb '04 19:54
    on the weekends i have a lot of free time so while im doing homework i enjoy playing chess