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Help Forum

  1. 22 Oct '02 23:40
    please read my post .......getting to games...thank you....i dont know if im going to get timed out of games i cant see......
  2. Subscriber Russ
    RHP Code Monkey
    23 Oct '02 22:39
    I don't know why you are getting this behaviour.

    Can you try clicking the :
    "View complete list" link above the your games table.

    Let me know if this helps. What OS/browser configuration are you

  3. 23 Oct '02 23:47
    when i click view complete list it shoots me back to home page. i am using netscape
  4. 23 Oct '02 23:50
    Kyngj suggested it may be the cookies, i may agree with that .... i will try through aol and see if i have same problem... its just a
    pain to log off and on after every move thanks for your help