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Help Forum

Help Forum

  1. 29 Jan '05 14:00
    I might aswell give it a go. Any chance you kind Americans will lend me 2k for a new car. Just that my old one is getting well old. And a new one would cheer me right up.
  2. Standard member mrmist
    29 Jan '05 14:12
    Whilst people are at it then could someone please sponsor my house. 75K should cover it, plus a couple of grand to replace the fence.

  3. 29 Jan '05 15:28
    You guys should have no problem getting teh free money, since us chess players are known for two things: Having lotsa cash to spare, and being a DEVIL with teh ladies!
  4. Standard member MIODude
    me, not you
    29 Jan '05 19:02
    just post your name , address, and phone number here, and I'm sure somone will send something...
  5. 30 Jan '05 03:28
    Mel B. Patsy's Gaff. 07789043256.
  6. 30 Jan '05 07:55
    Doh. You have got that much cash. You cant be arsed to subscribe. Good one sunbeam.