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  1. 17 Jun '06 07:54
    what does set piece mean?
  2. 17 Jun '06 08:29
    Originally posted by Tripcyc
    what does set piece mean?
    You set the pieces up in a position you decide yourself rather than in the normal starting positions.
  3. 17 Jun '06 13:27
    I suppose one could offer odds, explore variations, or endgame study,etc. Is there a clear-board function?
    I thank the Dr. for answering what must have seemed like a silly question.
  4. 17 Jun '06 13:31 / 2 edits
    The difference is that they don't affect your rating, all set piece games are unrated.

    I think you have to move the pieces into place unless you are using Firefox - in which case there may be a greasemonkey script that assists you - check the developers forum if you are intersted.