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Help Forum

  1. 28 Feb '04 03:07
    i no ur busy russ and i luv this site, and i no i posted this before but just a reminder...can we have some new sieges because it takes so long to get to playing one...Maybe we can have:

    4 castles for people with a rating of 0-1300
    4 castles for people with a rating of 1301-1600
    and a final for 1600-3000

    the hughest rating in last 30 days would decide which siege you could enter
  2. 28 Feb '04 03:08
    i meant highest not hughest
  3. Subscriber Russ
    RHP Code Monkey
    28 Feb '04 17:59
    This is coming. I have not decided on the final format, but a large increase in the number of castles is imminent.

  4. 28 Feb '04 19:54
    thanx russ