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Help Forum

  1. 13 Dec '10 09:23
    Accessing RHP seems very hit and miss recently with frequent timeouts then a good connection a few seconds later.

    The main delays seem to be loading the adverts down the r/h if the screen - amd amazom seem to be two thatr I have noticed are very slow to load.

    Hitting submit on a move can now take a few seconds (10-15) before moving onto the next game. I use Firefox and other tabs are pretty good so I think it is down to RHP
    Are others seeing the same problem.
  2. 14 Dec '10 15:37
    yeah, i've run into it a few times.
  3. Subscriber Kewpie
    since 1-Feb-07
    15 Dec '10 00:02
    Ditto. Admittedly I'm using Firefox, which does seem to load some pages than IE on my XP machine.
  4. 15 Dec '10 00:53
    i'm using IE, it still happens.
  5. 15 Dec '10 09:40
    Thanks all, hopefully somebody will pick up on this.