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  1. 03 Mar '11 18:35
    i always use my screen with a reduced image ( the image with a black background and the computer image is smaller than the width availability on the screen of my computer.

    now the image fills the whole screen and i don't know how to make it smaller again. i see the two boxes in the upper right, one with a white bar and the one next to it with two little boxes. i have used the two little box image to reduce my screen before but now when i click it my screen reduces to an image about two inches wide.

    how to i either expand the two inch wide image back to about a foot. i used congrol panel to delete firefox and then reinstalled firefox but this did not change anything.
  2. 03 Mar '11 18:37
    i just figured it right lower of screen and drag to size.
  3. Donation mwmiller
    RHP Member No.16
    03 Mar '11 19:12
    Originally posted by reinfeld
    i just figured it right lower of screen and drag to size.
    When you're in the reduced-size window, you can move your mouse to any corner or to any edge of the window and you will see the normal pointer switch to a double ended arrow. You can then drag the edge of the window in either direction to make it smaller or larger.

    Is this what you are talking about, or did I totally miss something?