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  1. Donation belgianfreak
    stitching you up
    24 Apr '02 16:27
    Once one player has only his king left, how many moves are allowed
    before the game is declared a stalemate?
    Please specify whether you mean moves in total or moves for each
    player (or is that the same thing?).
    Thanks for your help... I've been confused about this rule for years,
  2. Standard member Schliemann
    The Diplomat
    24 Apr '02 16:42
    There is no material to mate...if there are only kings left it is a
    draw..automatically...although in a game once Bobby Fischer made
    two more moves with just his king...really ticked his opponent off.

  3. Donation belgianfreak
    stitching you up
    25 Apr '02 14:41
    I'm sorry, I probably haven't made myself clear.

    I am under the impression that there is a rule that states that once
    ONE player only has his king left (the other player has king + at least
    one more piece) there are only a certain number of moves allowed by
    each player before the game is declared a stalemate - even if the
    other player technically could still achieve checkmate.

    Is this true, does it apply here, and if so how many moves are

  4. 27 Apr '02 03:57
    this is true n i believe u have 20 moves until its declared a draw n this
    r all ur moves not between the 2 but im not sure if it applys here.
  5. Donation rwingett
    Ming the Merciless
    27 Apr '02 13:01
    I don't know if you you're trying to be "trendy" by liberally interspersing your
    posts with one letter abbreviations, and omitting all punctuation. But the net
    result is that your posts are unnecessarily difficult and irritating to read. Of
    course, as almost no one enjoys having their grammar critiqued, I'm sure this
    observation will fall upon deaf ears.
  6. 28 Apr '02 02:51
    difficult n irritating to read? i dont see how it can be difficult. im not in
    a grammer test or anything n i dont see how this affects u at all!
  7. 29 Apr '02 13:20
    Not exactly.

    The game _is_ drawn (i.e. no claim required) if no series of legal
    moves can lead to checkmate. E.g. K and N versus K is automatically
    drawn. K and N versus K and N is not automatically drawn, since
    checkmate is still possible with legal (but stupid) play.

    The game _may be_ drawn (i.e. a player may claim) if 50 moves have
    been made without a pawn move or piece capture (regardless of the
    material held by each side). If a player doesn't claim, the game

    Neither of these situations is stalemate.

    For exact details, see the FIDE Laws of Chess:
  8. 19 May '02 03:06
    Sean, I understand it is 50 moves per player, right?
  9. Donation vaknso
    The Ambassador
    19 May '02 21:59
    I believe it is 50 half moves. Which is 25 moves per players.
  10. 24 Sep '02 15:38
    50 moves are equal to 100 half moves. Jan
  11. 18 May '02 21:00
    Well, you have 50 moves in the rules. Be it King and a piece, against
    King and Piece...or King and a piece against a lonely King. Basically
    you have 50 moves in which to get the result. You should study, basic
    endgame finishing. Try against a friend and play King and Queen
    against the same...or King and Queen against King and Rook. You
    can try whatever variation you want on that. It is 50 moves per
    player...but saying that, most players wouldn't need that!! I hope that
  12. Donation belgianfreak
    stitching you up
    13 Jun '02 00:52
    thanks to all for clarifying this for me. as you might be able to tell,
    I´venever read a chess textbook in ,y life - I play for the fun without
    getting too serious (so far)
    In "real life" I´ve had some players claim that you only have as little
    as 10 moves - not enough to advance a pawn and then pin their king
    in a corner
  13. 26 Jul '02 01:12
    Greetings: have 50 moves...after that it is declared stalemate!! You can
    run around the board...two versus two in the middle; never, never
    retreat to the corners...keep your king in the centre!! Don't be pushed
    back...don't fall for skewers were you move your king, thus giving
    access to your rook, queen...whatever!! Even in the end game, control
    the centre...but, when you meet somone as good as you...take the
    draw!! Do you really want to play it out?? In training...yes, have fun!!
    Only play it if you are sure you can win!!
  14. Donation Smash
    Its MY country
    24 Sep '02 20:05
    A draw can be claimed once there is insufficient mating matertial left.

    Stalemate is a totally different thing.It is when you have no move possible but
    you have not been placed in check.Some brilliant draws have occurred around this
  15. Donation Acolyte
    Now With Added BA
    25 Sep '02 11:25