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Help Forum

  1. 06 Sep '01 20:14
    can anyone help. in my first game i had my opponent in checkmate,
    but the system give the game as a stalemate draw. half move count
    was only 16. anyone know any other reasons why this could happen
  2. Donation Rhymesteronline
    and RedHotTed
    07 Sep '01 10:07
    What was the game's ID number?
  3. 07 Sep '01 20:09
    hi rhymester, the game id number was 21529. any ideas?
  4. Donation Rhymesteronline
    and RedHotTed
    08 Sep '01 12:13
    Your last move didn't actually put your opponent in check and left him
    with no place to move his solitary King without moving into check - ie:

    I know that you can't win with just a King and a Knight and two knights
    looks pretty impossible. I would think that the King spin things out
    until the 50 moves had gone by.. unless someone knows a sure fire
    way of mating with just two knights?


  5. 09 Sep '01 14:10
    Thanks, I did not realise that would finish the game as a stalemate, I
    obviously do not know the rules very well. I always thought that if you
    had the opponents king in a position that they could not move that
    would be checkmate, I did not think they had to be in check as well.
    Thanks very much for looking at it for me.
  6. Donation Rhymesteronline
    and RedHotTed
    09 Sep '01 16:53
    Glad to be of help!