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Help Forum

  1. 03 Nov '02 14:54
    Hello, my name is Bob, I'm new to RHP. Could someone tell me why
    the stars that are next to the players names different colors, and why
    are some stars bordered by arrows, while others are not?
  2. Standard member Schliemann
    The Diplomat
    03 Nov '02 15:54
    The different colors constitutes the amout of moves a person has
    made..going from bright yellow to begin with and ending up red at
    50,000 moves...just keeps getting darker and darker.

    The wings are subscribers...the ones that just have stars paid before
    the subscription deal started...but of course can get their wings by
    sending in the money....which I will be doing soon 😀

  3. 03 Nov '02 16:11
    Thanks for the information Dave.