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  1. 03 Feb '16 18:29
    I cannot get it, again. I can't figure out how to make this or other PGNs work at all:

    [SetUp "1"]
    [FEN “rq2r3/bbp3Q1/p1n5/P2k2N1/1p1P4/7P/1P4P1/RNBn2K1 w - - 2 27”]

    Can someone help me out with this? I can't get it right.
  2. 03 Feb '16 19:04 / 2 edits
  3. 03 Feb '16 19:09
    Thanks, Sebastian, but what I really want to do is start a PGN from the fen
    [FEN “rq2r3/bbp3Q1/p1n5/P2k2N1/1p1P4/7P/1P4P1/RNBn2K1 w - - 2 27”] with these moves: Kd7 25.e6+ Kxe6 26.Ng5+ Kd5 27.Qd7+ Kc4 28.Nd2+ Kd3 29.Qf5+ Kxd4 30.Ngf3+ Ke3 31.Kf1 following after. I have another PGN, but after I get one, I should be able to do another properly. Could you format that for me? If so, that'd be great.
  4. 03 Feb '16 19:14
    Make sure you have the correct FEN. Your moves are invalid.
  5. 03 Feb '16 21:34
  6. 03 Feb '16 23:50 / 1 edit
    Thank you very much. What did you change?
    I am trying to fix my other PGN by using 'reply and quote' and looking at your corrected PGN, but I can't seem to get it right. It seems that the moves are going through, but not the initial start position.

  7. 04 Feb '16 03:19
    Use Reply and Quote to see my code.
  8. 04 Feb '16 10:52