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Help Forum

Help Forum

  1. 03 Oct '01 17:28
    For the second time in a week I have received a reminder from an
    opponent when it was not my turn to move. The game ID is 27831. I
    am white and my first move is the only one that has been made. The
    red title bar stated that I had '0 games awaiting you move' when I
    received the reminder from Bloodtoy20. I double checked by viewing
    the game to see if it was my turn and it was not. What do I need to
  2. 04 Oct '01 04:31
    This old HillBilly needs to read his messages a little better the next
    time. The messages I was getting was the reminder messages for me
    to send not messages I was receiving from an opponent. Maybe I can
    play chess better than I can read. :-) Sorry for being a pain!