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Help Forum

  1. Standard member UmbrageOfSnow
    All Bark, No Bite
    19 Jul '06 02:09
    Hey, what happens if your subscription runs out while you have more than 6 games, are you still allowed to move in those games until they are finished, and then the 6 at a time thing applies?

    Also, what happens to tournaments and clans you are in if your subscription runs out.

    P.S. I do plan to renew my subscription, but maybe not able to right off when it runs out.
  2. 19 Jul '06 03:15
    Yes. You finish all games. Any tournaments you were in, you can finish and/or advance. Clans you will stay in for a little while, then Russ pulls you out I think. Avatars go sometime. My title is still there, as is my profile picture, though I can't edit them.
  3. Standard member reader1107
    petting the cat
    19 Jul '06 03:16
    from the FAQ:

    Any existing games above the maximum available for non-subscribers can still be completed.