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  1. Standard member thire
    12 Mar '03 13:14
    People are discussing a lot about the ratings and the ratingsystem here:
    Why not evaluate it?
    First and simplest idea:
    Calculate the probability of going wrong/right (acktesting)
    improvements: take the ratingdifference (of the two players) in account!
    these were my first ideas: what about YOU?

    (it would be nice to know: he probability that you beat/draw/loose a player with this ranking is 34% / 5% / 61%... and RHP informs you: you'll then have a rating of 1314 / 1288 / 1264. So you can expect a rating of 1282,2 which is a plus of 4 points to your actual rating 1278 - his rating is 1305)