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Help Forum

  1. 23 May '04 10:04
    Hey there.

    I was wondering, now that you can enter a vacation description, where is it shown? 😀

    I'd be nice if you could click the on vacation icon and get the description, so you read e.g. gone for 5 days etc. etc.


  2. Standard member Exy
    Damn fine Clan!
    23 May '04 10:07
    It's shown on your profile page.
  3. Standard member thire
    23 May '04 11:34
    so click on the player's name...
  4. 02 Jun '04 07:13
    How do I tell my opponent I am going on vacation?
  5. Standard member thire
    02 Jun '04 19:03
    Originally posted by dbloch
    How do I tell my opponent I am going on vacation?
    a) write a message when you make your last move.
    b) send him a RHP-message
    c) [b]set via MySettings>MyvacationSettings that you are away.[b] you can add a vecationmessage there.
    @Russ: perhaps this vacationmessage should be bigger or red or I don't know what... and I shouldn't be just in the profile (in the playgame?)