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  1. 19 Aug '04 13:05
    I'd really like an easier way of telling whether time control or time bank is being used in my games. (Uh, especially since I took part in the 82-match 1d/14d tournament, I think my time bank is going to get hit pretty hard).

    At the moment, I think the only way to tell is with the popup window on the games list (which, for reference, doesn't work correctly under Firefox on Linux -- the white background does not extend across the entire sub-window making the text hard to read).

    Even so, you get *CURRENT* timebank status, but don't get whether it's being actively used by either person.

    The little alarm clock icon (as far as I can tell, though could be wrong) starts to flash when you're already in timebank -- there's no (or not enough) warning that you're heading there.

    Once you click to the normal game board, all that information disappears, too.

    So, what I'd like:

    1) (I already posted about this a while ago, but I'll repeat it as it's relevent to the other points) -- a hour countdown of the time control, visible in the my games list.

    2) hour countdown in the miniboard popup view - so it can show for either my move or their move.

    3) Full time control information (hours left, timebank being used, etc) visible in the main game board view.

    Pretty please.