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Help Forum

  1. 16 Mar '08 23:50
    first thaks for the work and the upgrade, hope you guys have gotten some sleep or beach time in

    you indicate whether or not someone makes multiple moves a day, helpful in deciding whether to accept an invitation

    would it be more help ful to us to compute and list the average time between moves of a player? if a player makes multiple moves a day, but has 100+ games going i may be lucky to get a move in a day or three?? to be more clear the average time to move in each game.

    thanks for a great site
  2. 17 Mar '08 03:43
    closest you can get to this is see how many moves the person has made this month. I would think that's fairly accurate in determining move frequency.
  3. 17 Mar '08 12:23 / 1 edit
    I agree with jkerrig2 about having a value of activity of a certain player. Number of moves since the beginnign of this month is the best one, but says nothing or little in the beginning of each month.

    A formula (number of moves the last 30 days) / (number of games going) / (30) should bring a better hint of actity as it says mean number of moves per game per day. But if he has a lot of 1/0 games or has a lot of 21/21 in thinking times, it gives very different value of activity, so the formula above should be refined ever further.

    I think that if 'number of moves since the beginning of the month' is replaced by 'number of moves the last 30 days' is a good start.