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  1. 17 Jul '12 09:32
    I have a game that I setup with 0 days timebank and one move per day. My (random) opponent has not moved since May. I can't skull him so I think I'm looking at a bug.

    Any ideas?

  2. Donation mwmiller
    RHP Member No.16
    17 Jul '12 12:25 / 3 edits
    I just looked at your active games, and if you're talking about game 9251676, it looks like your opponent accepted the game and then vanished from the site. That person has no other games and has not made any moves in your game.

    Since less than three moves have been made, it does not count as a rated game. You can just delete it. The delete icon should be on your "my games" page on the right side of the page for that game. It will not show in your statistics and will not change your rating when you delete it. (The delete icon is a trash bin)

    If more than two moves had been completed it would count as a rated game and the timeout feature would have worked after the 1 day timeout period had elapsed.