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  1. 21 May '12 08:00
    After finishing a game against an opponent, I saw that there was another game in progress, against the same player, that I didn't agree to play. When I went to it, the timer said 23 hours and 59 minutes. This is kind of annoying if I have to forfeit it. I am white. Can I simply delete it before moving a piece?
  2. Standard member RevRSleeker
    21 May '12 12:36
    Hit the bin icon...if you just look to the right of this games details you'll eventually come across 'my games' and after 'opponent' and 'status' etc, you'll see 'actions'...hit that bin icon and you'll delete the game.
  3. 21 May '12 12:50
    Thanks. For future reference, does that bin only appear when you're "able to quit" (I mean, when it won't cost you rating points to quit)? I'm assuming I can dump it now without it costing me.
  4. Standard member RevRSleeker
    21 May '12 13:04 / 1 edit
    Ya, no 'cost' to you and they don;t even show in your game statistics.. and that continues to be the case with 'less than three moves' on the's important you remember that, 'less' than !
    Edit: Yes, and for clarity, you know you can exit 'freely' when the icon is there..
  5. 21 May '12 13:56
    Great. Thanks again.
  6. Subscriber Kewpie
    since 1-Feb-07
    21 May '12 13:58 / 1 edit
    Players often do an automatic rematch, expecting the other person will want one, and they're frequently deleted using the trash bin icon. Nobody will be offended if you use it, and the other person will receive an email reminding them that it doesn't mean anything.
  7. 22 May '12 13:39
    One more thing: I trashed one and the guy started ANOTHER game with me, this time with white, where he's moved the first piece. Now, just to clarify, surely I don't have to check in and trash every game someone starts with me, right? If I leave it, not having moved a piece, it won't count against me, right?
  8. Standard member RevRSleeker
    22 May '12 14:22
    no, you can always let it time out and it won't appear as a loss or on any statistic..
  9. 22 May '12 14:29
    That's good. I think I've got it all now. Thanks one more time.
  10. Donation mwmiller
    RHP Member No.16
    22 May '12 14:51
    If you do not want challenges you can also change your settings to prevent people from challenging. You can still challenge others, or create "open invite" games whenever you want.

    Just go to "My Settings/ Challenge settings" using the link near the top of the page, and you can customize your games in several ways. If you set your games limit to zero you will not ever get a challenge or rematch unless you initiate it yourself. You can change these settings around whenever you want to.

    Just make sure when you have entered your changes that you drop to the bottom of the page and click the update button so your preferences will take affect.