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Help Forum

  1. 16 Jan '05 02:38
    Is there a way to set up the board or pieces Myself here?
    Does anyone know of a online site that will allow this ?
    To clarify > In order to play with a young child I would like to play a game with all pawns. They would be set up in their normal starting positions with play continuing as normal ( including en passant) But NO other pieces on the board. <

    Thank you All .. For any assistance!

  2. Standard member GalaxyShield
    Mr. Shield
    16 Jan '05 02:49
    You can create a Set board by going to the New Game tab and there should be an option to make it a set board when you make a new game.
  3. Standard member thire
    16 Jan '05 10:13
    these games are called "set piece games"