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Help Forum

  1. 02 Jun '06 23:42
    I see that tournament pairings are either "random" or "original." I assume random means random, but what does "original" mean? Thanks.

  2. 03 Jun '06 00:37
    Myunderstanding (which may be wrong) but based on Tournaments I have entered with 'Original Pairing' applies to those of a Knockout style (ie: 2 players per group). For example; in the 1st Round if there are 64 Players, then the highest rated player (No 1) at the start of the tournament plays the 33rd highest rated player (No 33). then the 2nd highest rated player (No 2) plays the 34th highest rated player (No 34) etc. So you would have something like: (Group 1: No1 vs No 33) (Group 2: No 2 vs No 34) (Group 3: No 3 vs No 35) etc all the way down to (Group 32: No 32 vs No 64). This to try and avoid the higher rated players meeting until later rounds. I have found in the tournaments where I have reached the 2nd round this rule does not seem to apply (even taking into account that a particular players rating may have increased or decreased since the second round started). So assuming I am correct for the 1st round, I am not quite sure what is going on in the second rounds in an 'Original Pairing' Tournament. Hope this is in some way correct and of help. Steve