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Help Forum

  1. 21 Apr '04 08:16
    I'm new here and wondered is the timebank for tournaments with zero time outs for each round, or is the timebank for the entiore tournament?
  2. Subscriber Russ
    RHP Code Monkey
    21 Apr '04 08:31
    Just for each game.

  3. Standard member Toe
    21 Apr '04 08:35
    The timebank value is per game. It does not reset during the game.
    The time per move however resets to its maximum value on every move you make.

    So on a 3 days/move, 7 day timebank tourny, you can take anything up to 3 days for each and every one of your moves and that will be fine. If you go over the 3 day limit, then your timebank comes into play: your timebank will start to decrease once you excede the days/move limit. It stops decreasing once you move obviously! The timebank never increases during a game. Once your timebank reaches zero: it's timeout time and you loose.