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Help Forum

  1. Standard member mathemos
    The Vorlon
    23 Dec '08 15:52 / 1 edit
    CCU is a two-member clan looking for balanced clan matches that was aged off the list of clans for not having our challenges accepted recently enough. We have challenged a few other small clans on the list with ratings like our own but our challenges were declined.

    We wouldn't mind playing against a larger clan -- with players with much higher ratings -- if its leader challenged us proposing a match-up with players better than ourselves, but not overwhelmingly better.

    I can write leaders of such clans asking them to challenge us, which would let me see who they propose to play on their side, but if there is a way for them to actually challenge us I couldn't find it since we don't show up on the clan list. 😕

    Any suggestions would be most appreciated.
  2. Standard member Fleabitten
    Love thy bobblehead
    23 Dec '08 15:55
    Hi. You might want to post this in the caln forum, as well. That would more focused attention to your plight.
  3. 23 Dec '08 21:49
    Post your clan id too - like this [cid*]84[/cid*] (remove the stars).

    You'll then get a link to your clan home page : Clan 84 where a prospective challenger can start the challenge process.
  4. Standard member mathemos
    The Vorlon
    24 Dec '08 02:19
    Many thanks, orangutan.