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Help Forum

  1. 09 Sep '03 10:51
    hi, i friend of mine also wanted to join RHP, so he signed in, no problem, he can invite other players or answer an open invite, sees the board and all, only the pieces can't be moved... Anyone know what can be the cause of this?
  2. Subscriber Russ
    RHP Code Monkey
    09 Sep '03 11:16
    The most likely explanation is an outdated browser.

    Do you know which version your friend uses?

  3. 09 Sep '03 11:38
    Thank you Russ, i'll ask him and than come back to you...
  4. 09 Sep '03 11:47
    he's operating under internet explorer 4.5...
  5. Subscriber Russ
    RHP Code Monkey
    09 Sep '03 22:03
    4.5 is VERY out of date - and is the cause of the problem. Is there a good reason why they don't want to upgrade? Links are provided on the RHP homepage to the latest browser revisions. (And all but Opera are free)

  6. 10 Sep '03 13:13
    He's working on it... Thanks very much, Russ...