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Help Forum

  1. 14 Jun '07 02:16
    I'm seeing something apparenty contradictory on the site. The FAQ says, "If a user is on vacation you will not be able to claim a timeout until their [sic] vacation ends."

    But many players in their profiles say something like this, "I'll claim skulls unless I see your little vacation flag."

    So which of the following is true? (1) Timeouts absolutely cannot be claimed if the person with depleted time has a vacation flag up, and the people who write those profiles aren't making sense (since they couldn't claim the timeout anyway), OR (2) timeouts CAN be claimed in spite of a vacation icon, and the FAQ is wrong.

    If (2) is true, then what's the point of the vacation flag? Thanks.
  2. 14 Jun '07 03:00
    The FAQ's are right. It has recently been changed and many players have not updated their profile.