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Help Forum

  1. 22 Apr '18 20:02 / 1 edit
    I was scheduled for surgery. I put up my vacation flag. Upon my return home quite a few of my games showed that I have six days plus to move.
    I never every play games over 3 days. Is there a glitch?
    Thanks, Ron
    Sorry, I just realized that the 6 days etc was timeback.
  2. Subscriber Kewpieonline
    since 1-Feb-07
    22 Apr '18 23:57
    Handy tip for when you create a thread, or a post, by mistake and want to remove all traces:
    Reopen it with EDIT, type an obscene four-letter word, and save the post. Helpful robomod will delete your post, and send you a reproof which nobody will know about but you. If it's an initial post the thread will disappear too. I use this regularly.