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  1. 06 Aug '05 23:07
    Normally in correspondence chess when you announce a vacation you say when you are leaving and when you will be back. During this time, your clock is stopped. There is usually a regulation on how much vacation you can take during a year.

    On this board however, there is no stopping of the clock during vacation. Unless you have a laptop with internet access while you are on vacation, you can come back to several lost games....many lost games if you are playing a large number.

    An improvement to the site, in my opinion, would be a way to stop your clock while you were on an announced vacation with identified start and stop. Your clock would start running again when you made your first move after vacation start, or upon vacation stop. The vacation time could be accumulated to some limit during the year thus affording us an opportunity to take a "vacation"!

    Thanks for listening.
  2. Standard member thire
    07 Aug '05 17:15
    Well you should post this in the site ideas forum 😉
    Right, vacation is here something else: you just tell your opponents that you are away and ask them to be nice (perhaps) and soft.
    But if you take a large enough timebank when you start a game, everything should be fine here as well. I think that the actual system is good. 🙂
  3. Standard member Bowmann
    07 Aug '05 17:16
    The clock shouldn't stop. Your vacation time is simply added to your clock time, which continues to tick away. Moving during this period will make no difference.
  4. Standard member thire
    07 Aug '05 17:19
    but you are right (I think) when you set your vactionstatus to "on", you should be forced to set an end date. You can keep this or not...
  5. 26 Aug '05 20:46
    I am not in favor of the vacation rule, allowing an opponent to time out a player even though the vacation flag is up, particularly in clan games
    where the time-bank is set by the clan leader