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  1. 27 Aug '08 21:34
    I'm a new user, with one active game. Today a new game showed up in my list as a victory (for Black), before I even received the challenge to accept or decline. It looks like the game was created and resigned without making a move.

    Since it shows up as a victory for me, I'm not that upset, but as a purist I wonder whether there is a way to get rid of it or void it. It doesn't show the trash icon, only archive - meaning it's a done game.

    Any suggestions?
  2. 28 Aug '08 00:51
    It doesn't appear that the game was rated so it shouldn't influence your rating. Just archive it.
  3. 28 Aug '08 00:59 / 1 edit
    This problem came up a couple of months ago. Try thread:

    Thread 95280

    These games will not be rated since ratings don't kick in until White's third move. Up under "My Settings" and "My Challenge Settings", you can limit the number of random challenges that come into your mailbox, but that cuts off everyone. PM the opponent in question if you want or just ignore it. If it gets to be a constant problem, use "send feedback" at the bottom of each page.