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Help Forum

Help Forum

  1. Standard member leestatic
    Hristos voskrese
    30 Nov '05 18:11 / 1 edit
    was it just me or did the site go down, i got this message ERROR V2 RHP Secure authentication query failed.
    Sorry, an error occurred. Please report this problem. lasted about ten minutes.
  2. 30 Nov '05 19:58
    Me too. I could ping the site but no html.
  3. Standard member RONOC
    On a wave
    30 Nov '05 20:23
    not just me then, your not using a mac-internet explorer are you?
  4. 30 Nov '05 20:47
    Nope on unix with firefox
  5. 30 Nov '05 20:52
    Quote from Russ (in the General Forum):

    "Site is slow tonight, we think we may have a solution. Stay tuned...