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  1. 27 Oct '04 22:08
    Would you consider this abuse of the vacation flag? White is NOT on holiday and has since removed the vacation flag, but says it will go back very soon...

    names have been changed to protect the guilty...

    1 White Good luck!

    3 Black enjoying ur holiday?

    4 White yes lol, if your wondering why the sign is up, its because i want to focus on just the tourney games, so peopple can understand why im not playing there games, im trying to get as much done in the tourney as possible, so i can make the best moves possible, we have a really tough group and with Quirine who used to be #1 on RHP, so we have to be careful 😲)

    4 Black I think you should remove the vacation sign, mate. It's there for genuine holidays etc.

    5 White true true!

    5 Black If you continue to show a vacation flag under these circumsatnces I will report the abuse thereof in the forums and to Russ.

    6 White pardon me sir, but you have no right to even comment on how my affairs are, i am a paid member here, and im not abusing it, i have over 500 games, you dont, i chose to play this way, and so if i need to focus on a tourney, i think a little respect can be granted, but because ive already had enough from people like yourself, ill take it off, but it will be back up again when i leave for a couple days, is that okay master? or should you report this? ive always been kind to you outta respect, but to treat me like im doins something wrong is not acceptable for me! thank you!

    6 Black You are doing sumthing wrong, as a fellow paid up member I feel it is my duty and right to point it out to you. The vacation sign there is not so that you can get extar time etc. to play your importnat tourney games.
    7 White no im not trying to get extra time??? im telling my opponent that im on and i cant move for a couple hours, thats not extra time? extra time would be doing it on purpose while im suppose to be timedout, we have two other games together, can you time me out? no, because i havent allowed along time to pass between moves, i was just focusing on hard games, you made to much outta nothing!

    7 Black Then why display the vacation flag??

    8 White usually i put a message with it, for the first time i didnt, because most people know how i work, but next time ill make sure to put a message to explain why i have it up, so that you will know, sorry for your inconvinience! 😲)
  2. 27 Oct '04 22:17
    Sorry, prob wrong board, am moving to the CHESS forum. TY