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Help Forum

  1. 17 Feb '14 01:04
    When I try to enter a tournament, I get a message saying I can't enter due to my rating not falling within the requirements. rating is well within its required rating!!??
  2. Subscriber Kewpie
    since 1-Feb-07
    17 Feb '14 01:07
    Go to your own profile page, and you'll find "Tournament entry rating" down near the bottom. It's supposed to smooth out the normal fluctuations in your rating and it mostly works, except in some situations involving unusual rating movements.
  3. Subscriber Ponderable
    17 Feb '14 06:27
    1296 - your current rating
    1428 - your highest rating in the last year (365 days)
    1362 - your Tournament entyr rating.

    Since you proved to be able to play at about 1400 you should play people who do (or did) so also.