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Help Forum

  1. 24 Apr '15 02:35
    Is there a way to find out who it was the challenged me recently? I want to find out who that was, at least, because I want to send him or her a message. I might have tried to send him or her a message recently saying that the game was too short, but it might not have gone through if my message limit of 6 messages sent was reached before I sent him or her a message.

    Also, I may want to challenge him or her soon with a longer time for our game.
  2. Subscriber Russ
    RHP Code Monkey
    24 Apr '15 13:43
    If you have deleted the game, there will be no further record of it, sorry.
  3. 27 Apr '15 06:58
    I did not delete the game, but I guess my opponent did delete it.