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  1. 23 Sep '05 01:12
  2. 23 Sep '05 01:19
    Originally posted by Samdogg
    Send it to Jimslyp69

    PS, PM Russ and ask him the details.
  3. Standard member Bowmann
    23 Sep '05 16:25
    Send a cheque.

    A check is something to do with chess.
  4. 23 Sep '05 16:30
    Originally posted by Samdogg
    As said above: PM Russ or use the Send Feeback link.

    So after subscribing are we going to have that long overdue rematch?

  5. 23 Sep '05 17:14
    Bottom of the on the feedback link.
  6. 23 Sep '05 23:22
    Originally posted by Bowmann
    Send a [b]cheque.

    A check is something to do with chess.[/b]
    You British think you still have an empire.

    [Hides passport.]