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  1. 03 Aug '08 22:22
    i have tried If you are seeing a blank board with no pieces, try holding down Ctrl with Shift and simultaneously pressing the refresh button in your browser.

    Alternatively you may wish to try clearing your web browser's cache.

    Firefox users can do this via Tools > Options > Privacy > Clear Now.

    Internet Explorer users can use Tools > Options > General > Delete... > Temporary Internet Files > Delete.

    For other browsers, please see your browser's help files. all failed .please can anybody help
  2. Subscriber ouroboros
    Digital Alchemist
    04 Aug '08 01:22
    If you happen to be using the Greasemonkey script 'hide pieces', you probably want to disable it.
  3. 04 Aug '08 18:47
    i cannot find Greasemonkey script 'hide pieces', on my system .thanks anyway