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  1. 02 Sep '04 22:31 / 1 edit
    In games Game 617612 and Game 617619, my opponent ran out of time and timebank (and skulls appeared) three or four days ago. They are tournament games, so I thought 'if I do nothing, the auto timeout will kick in. As long as he doesn't seem to be moving in other games, I'll wait and see.'😴

    But today, when I was sure I'd see the games given to me, the skulls have vanished, despite the fact my opponent has not moved in either game in a week😕. What's even more annoying is that he (or she) has started moving in other games.😠

    What gives? [Edit] I've just seen the announcement about verifications. That explains why the skulls have gone, but not why the auto-timeout didn't run: tournaments are open only to subscribers, so surely there's no need to suspend auto timeouts?
  2. Donation mwmiller
    RHP Member No.16
    02 Sep '04 22:46
    See Russ's latest thread in the 'Announcements' forum. You're on a 24 hour delay.
  3. 03 Sep '04 09:55
    You should also be aware that the 'automatic' time out in tournaments is not really automatic in the sense that it has to be initiated manually by admin staff so it may be two days, three, four ..... whatever!

    Why there should be extra days at all is beyond my comprehension but, hey ho, that's the way it is.