1. SubscriberRuss
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    21 Feb '01
    26 Feb '19 17:093 edits
    If you have signed up to RedHotPawn.com then started using an alternative domain, such as TimeForChess, as your preferred way to access this site, you may notice that the site will look like RedHotPawn, but with the TimeForChess logo.

    What is going on?

    Well, the colors of the site you visit are no longer defined by the domain name you use to see access it, but from a theme preference.

    Available here :

    Check out My Settings >> Theme Settings for options.

    This defaults to the site brand theme that you initially signed up on. So if you signed up to RHP, then started using TimeForChess, TimeForChess will look like RHP until you change theme.

    Why the change?

    Alternative domains are soon going to be retired, so we wanted to keep the color preferences available. So even when TimeForChess disappears, you can still color RedHotPawn.com (or the one alternative to remain, DailyChess.com) in TimeForChess colors.

    For more background, check Thread 180065.
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    09 Mar '08
    26 Feb '19 17:39

    it really works...
    thanks, @russ