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  1. 30 May '11 16:58 / 1 edit
    The game in Question is Game 8432264
    From what I can see black took over the 3 day limit but it used my timebank!?
    (I'm playing White)
  2. 30 May '11 20:06
    Game CreatedMay 20 2011 09:12
    Game EndedMay 30 2011 12:27

    Move Timeout3 days
    Initial Timebank7 days

    Timebank days remaining

    It shows that White used a small amount of timebank. Did you ever go over the 3 day limit? If it was Black that went over the limit, but White's timebank was used, then go to "Send Feedback" at the bottom of any page and explain the problem.
  3. 31 May '11 09:26
    Thanks for the advice.