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Help Forum

  1. Standard member alwaysup
    20 Oct '04 21:04
    have just completed two games against same player in a tournie in which i won one and lost one in the space of rating went down,can someone explain why???
  2. 20 Oct '04 22:46
    If you are rated higher than someone else, the expectation is that you will win a game against them. Therefore, you will gain fewer points for winning that you would forfeit for losing.

    Interestingly enough, if A and B have the same rating, let's say 1500, then if A wins a game between them, A's rating becomes 1516 and B's becomes 1484. Now A is "expected" to win any game between them (win expectancy = 0.55), so if he loses 17 points change hands: A now has a rating of 1499 while B is rataed 1501.

    The practical implication of this is that, if you have a choice and if ratings are what you care about more than sportsmanship, you should take your losses before your wins.
  3. Standard member alwaysup
    21 Oct '04 20:55
    thnx,not bothered about my rating per se just confused!!!!! i presumed a win and a loss against same person would keep my rating at same level but now i see how it works,bit like my chess really,always understand how i lose.😕
  4. Standard member fawcr01
    Headless chicken
    21 Oct '04 22:15
    Just to take what Roland said to the extreme: imagine you played a couple of games against, say, Kasparov and won one and lost one. I think you'd be pretty gutted if your rating didn't improve!!!