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  1. 19 Sep '12 06:49
    When my mouse hovers over any piece either in the main board or game history board a window pops up with a row of black piece icons (KQBKtRP) and below it the same white pieces. This is different to the Piece Manipulation window which I can still access with a right mouse click. If the intruding window pops up I can still select the piece but the window is about 50mm x 30mm and apart from being annoying obscures a large area of the board.
    Can anybody help? Have other people had the same problem?
  2. Subscriber Kewpieonline
    since 1-Feb-07
    19 Sep '12 13:47
    If I hover my cursor over a piece on either board I just get the arrow changed to a hand, nothing else. Are you using the standard site, or one of the mobile setups?
  3. 20 Sep '12 01:42
    I am using the standard site not one of the mobile platforms. I notice though that since the bug appeared I have been fored to login using my password instead log in directly without passward from the Firefox browser tab
  4. Subscriber Kewpieonline
    since 1-Feb-07
    20 Sep '12 07:03 / 1 edit
    Starting to sound like a cache problem. Maybe try a "clear recent history" and reboot your machine. I'm using Firefox without problems, so it's not the site.
  5. 20 Sep '12 09:01
    Thanks for your interest and suggestion.

    I have done the "clear recent history" but still have the same problem.

    Any other suggestions? Cookies? Other forums?

    That is a great shot of your (?) catasrophe by the way.
  6. Subscriber Kewpieonline
    since 1-Feb-07
    20 Sep '12 09:40
    It's a Jon Bertolli poster called Curiosity, with a bit of help from Paint Shop Pro. There's also a blue version on granO2's profile.
  7. 20 Sep '12 12:36
    I received your email and replied to it but realise my email send option may be disabled. Did you receive 2 off replies? I would be interested.

    In answer to you query: The problem is in both the playing and the analysis boards. It is not the mouse because I have replaced it.

    When the cursor is over an empty square it is an arrow icon (correct). Over an occupied square then the icon turns to the hand icon (correct) AND the rectangular window (incorrect) which aligns with the left hand edge of the square pointed to and is just above it.

    The window contains two row of chess pieces arranged like the captured pieces at the bottom of a standard board.

    Hope this gives you a better idea of the situation.

    There have been no moves on the 2 boards I am playing so don't know if the other players are experiencing the same problems
  8. 20 Sep '12 14:18
    Somewhere in the last 30min I saw "Curiosity killed the cat, satisfaction got it back". I haven't heard that before. do you have many feline avatars
  9. Subscriber Kewpieonline
    since 1-Feb-07
    20 Sep '12 16:06
    I have several, apart from photos of the two cats resident here. Where do you think my forum "catastrophy" came from?