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Help Forum

  1. Standard member Antichrist6f
    Boondock Saint
    05 Oct '03 21:46
    Can someone please explain how to paste an RHP game in PGN format into Fritz 8. I am using Windows XP. My computer skills are lacking so if this question does'nt make any sense please let me know, thanks.....
  2. Standard member SirLoseALot
    Shut Gorohoviy!
    05 Oct '03 22:39
    You select all of the moves,right click,choose 'copy&paste',you go to fritz,click on the second button,from the left,on top(don't know how it is called in english,mine is in dutch),there you should be able to choose 'paste game',you click on that,and that's it.

    Well,that's how it works with fritz7,I guess fritz8 is not that much different.
  3. Standard member Antichrist6f
    Boondock Saint
    06 Oct '03 02:57
    Thank you!
  4. Standard member SirLoseALot
    Shut Gorohoviy!
    06 Oct '03 04:14
    I guess it worked!😵
    You're welcome 😏