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Help Forum

  1. 16 Feb '04 21:56
    Red hot pawn should offer email addresses for their users. Maybe even for a few extra bucks.. I check my chess moves 20 times more than I check my email and It would be cool to have it all in one place. Is this possible? I know hosts branded email...
  2. 17 Feb '04 16:01
  3. Subscriber Russ
    RHP Code Monkey
    18 Feb '04 11:32
    Originally posted by Prieure de Sion
    This has been spoken about before, but it would be a massive diversification, and detract us from our core aims. Nice idea though.

  4. 19 Feb '04 03:05
  5. 19 Feb '04 13:35
    Wouldn't it be a massive spam-magnet? How many registered users are there, with names nicely listed in the player tables?

    I'm afraid the demographic could be quite attractive to spammers, too, mostly males with time on their hands...
  6. 21 Feb '04 05:00
    spam never even occured to me..