1. Subscribervenda
    18 Apr '10
    05 Dec '15 13:101 edit
    I recently directed a player's question about timeout and timebank to my original thread and he spotted an error in the text.
    I can't amend the thread because it's closed but here, for information is a correct version of my text
    1.You are not entitled to vacation time until you subscribe.
    2.You cannot claim a timeout win while your opponents flag is showing.
    3.Vacation flags work on gmt, NOT on the local time in your part of the world so book an extra day if required.
    4.Vacation time is limited to 36 days per year for all subscribers whether you have been a subscriber for a day or since the site was launched.You can't "carry over "unused days from one year to another.
    5.All the vacation flag does is protect you from timeout loss once your timeout and timebank have expired.
    6.The time clock continues to run regardless of whether your vacation flag is up or not so it's pointless setting the flag while you have time left on your clock.I set mine for when the time runs out on my "least timeout remaining" game until up to a day or so after I return from vacation.
    6.Once timebank time is lost in a game it can never be regained in that game.
    7..You are allowed to move while your vacation flag is showing.
    I hopr that covers everything