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  1. 22 Feb '12 03:43 / 1 edit

    this is what I meant to play but I played 16. Qh6+ Kh8 {this is when I confirmed that the line above wins} 17. Re3 {oops I had to move back to g6 for it to work}

    the game is now still in progress but I couldn't help but share my sorrow. :'(

    Edit: I should just slow down... the weird thing is I'm sure that if I played the sac in an OTB game I would have went for the win right away but I almost went for the draw here and then the win. I guess indescisiveness bites you in the bum.
  2. 22 Feb '12 11:02
    was it the black bishop?
  3. 22 Feb '12 11:12
    sorry i didn't notice you commented on the game