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  1. Subscriber Paul Leggett
    Chess Librarian
    17 Mar '16 21:21
    Hi all,

    I am a part-time student and friend of GM Hansen and his wife WIM Jen Hansen. They are now living in Orlando Florida, and they teach chess "on the side".

    They have a new 1 hour series online, that is based on learning the Chess classics. Here is the link:

    They do not know that I am sharing this, but I am sure they will not mind! I attend his one-day workshops regularly, and my OTB performance has improved dramatically since I began- I swear by them for chess improvement.

    Full disclosure: I get nothing from this other than the knowledge that I am sharing a good thing, so I hope others will also find this of interest.


    PS I also recommend his books. His kindle book on rook endings is the best $5 I have ever spent on chess, and his [i[Foundations of Chess Strategy[/i] is the catalyst that set me on the path of my recent OTB improvement. Individual results will vary, of course (you have to put in the work), but I am unabashedly a big fan.

    If anyone has questions, just send them an email ( or and I am sure they will be happy to answer!

  2. Standard member nimzo5
    24 Mar '16 23:04

    thank you for posting, I have often been curious about his teaching/books.

  3. Standard member nimzophysh
    21 Apr '16 19:38
    What level player could understand and benefit from reading his books?
  4. Subscriber Paul Leggett
    Chess Librarian
    29 Apr '16 23:06
    Originally posted by nimzophysh
    What level player could understand and benefit from reading his books?
    I think his books appeal to a wide audience. I would set the baseline at someone who knows enough about chess to enjoy a chess federation's magazine or newsletter.

    His ebooks can be enjoyed by anyone. For his "regular" books, I would start with Foundations of Chess Strategy or Improve Your Chess by learning from the champions.