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  1. 24 Nov '10 15:29
    David Bronstein: fifty great short games by Nikolay Minev

    Great player,great games.In each game Bronstein achieves victory in 24 moves or less.The games are short and so are Minev's notes.A word here,a variation there and that's it.
    So far I played through the first 12.I'm dazzled,confused and enjoying myself

    The greatest ever chess tricks and traps by Gary Lane.

    A collection of opening traps,obviously.In the introduction the author states,and I qoute "I also found it important to choose lines that,should the trap be spotted,one can carry on without fear of having a worse position."So it's traps but also sound play,something I find important.
    Lane also includes a short history of the trap and rates them by surprise value,risk,chance of success and reward.
    I'm about halfway through this one and like it a lot.I only wonder why he didn't include the Marshall trap in the Petroff defense.Perhaps it's not sound?

    In short,two books I'll definitely finish!