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Only Chess Forum

  1. 18 Feb '12 11:08
    Some stats fantastic.

    Missed wins, a brilliant fantasy variation, some cute perpetul ideas,
    what not to do with Queens, instructive wrap ups.

    roma45 - Raspa
    pawntificate - forkedknight
    wimble - dejongh
    Radon - lbthree
    Pauline Calf - mulgabill
    chrekh - frostbite99
    Jerung - lbthree
    TimmyBx - Freddie2008

    Blog 4
  2. Standard member TimmyBx
    18 Feb '12 16:36
    Great and hilarious blog! Thanks for including my 25K mate

    One tiny error - in your comments about 1. f4 and From's Gambit I think you meant that white should consider playing 2. e4 transposing into the King's Gambit (you wrote 2. f4).

    Keep up the great work!
  3. 18 Feb '12 16:52 / 1 edit
    Got it. Cheers.

    (maybe I should run a stat on corrections.)
  4. Standard member hedonist
    peacedog's keeper
    18 Feb '12 23:13
    Good to see Pauline Calf is still on the go. Haven't heard that name in years.

    Bet all her games are "quickies"