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Only Chess Forum

  1. Subscriber pakeha
    29 Jun '08 15:35
    it is here in RHP for a stalemate
  2. 29 Jun '08 15:42
    Copied this from the FAQ:

    "Third repetition of a position. If any identical position appears three times during a game, then the game can be claimed as a draw. Please note that each repetition must be identical with regards to en passant and castling availability. A draw can only be claimed along with a move that contributes to a repetition. Claiming after the repetition has occurred is not possible, unless the same position can be repeated again on a future move."

    I gues it explains it to some detail. Cheers.
  3. Subscriber pakeha
    29 Jun '08 16:59
    thanks for this

    lucky for me my opponent never seem to know of it
  4. 30 Jun '08 10:38
    Just a reminder. It is a repetition of POSITION, not moves which permits a claim for a draw.