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  1. Standard member SwissGambit
    Caninus Interruptus
    10 Mar '11 20:54
    A game ends with the move 5...e6-h3#. What were the previous moves?

    Please PM solutions so that others can solve.
  2. 13 Mar '11 00:03
    a real tough one this one... still searching
  3. 13 Mar '11 00:10
    And me.

    h3 is a heavily protected square. the g2 pawn, the f1 Bishop
    and the g1 Knight all hold it.
  4. 13 Mar '11 10:26
    I've found a 5...d7-h3#, but that isn't really helping 🙂
  5. Subscriber thaughbaer
    Duckfinder General
    13 Mar '11 10:30
    I managed to do it with e6xh3.#.. very close.. but no banana
  6. Subscriber thaughbaer
    Duckfinder General
    13 Mar '11 13:14
    I think I've got it this time.. get in there Baer... and get out of bed SG...

  7. 13 Mar '11 20:39
    PM'd to SG. 😏
  8. Standard member SwissGambit
    Caninus Interruptus
    14 Mar '11 02:35
    SOLV'D [thaughbaer, greenpawn34]
  9. 14 Mar '11 02:54
    HI SG

    Please can I have a separate 'SOLV'D' so I can rec it.

    Thank you.

    A bit tough that one.
    Loads of good tries to keep one busy.
    Thought I had the idea right away without sight of the board.
    Something like this. (nowhere like the solution BTW)
    But did spend a wee while trying to make it work.

  10. Subscriber thaughbaer
    Duckfinder General
    14 Mar '11 12:16
    Hi SG... can I have my own SOLV'D with maybe a little rosette and pehaps some hugs and kisses. This is my first attempt which resulted in FAIL due to capture on h3. I should have known because some of the moves aren't forced in exact order.

  11. 14 Mar '11 15:08 / 1 edit
    Hi Bear.

    I hit that one as well.
    And tried getting the King to take the e-pawn setting it up
    for a discovered check from the e6 Bishop.

    I even tried a White 0-0 looking for the answer.

    Good these things.
    We are quite lucky having SG here. He is a 'name' in the problem world.
    So what we are getting is from a respected and known problemiist.

    Pity more lads don't try them.
    Of course this type of problem make Rybka and Fritz totally redundant
    and it's F and R that does the thinking for some of them on here.
    (I'm on yet another anti-computer crusade on another thread.).

    Did you get the 'buzz' when you solved it?

    PS I've rec'd our one - you can too and we will go to the top of the Rec Parade.
  12. Subscriber thaughbaer
    Duckfinder General
    14 Mar '11 16:00
    Not sure it was a "buzz"... whatever it was soon turned to "frustration" that SG was in another timezone.. I think he should give us his home phone number so we can get quicker verification of solutions. Surely that's what my $40 pays for ?