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Only Chess Forum

  1. 18 Jul '11 13:20
    Also includes me and my Oxfam Outift

    A bit about Unusual Openings. (Black plays 2...e5 in the French!)

    The Queen playing a Ruy Lopez

    (How did that happen?)

    Which leads on to two typical RHP blunders.

    And the best excuse ever for not playing a good move. "I was standing on d3."

    Blog 4
  2. 18 Jul '11 16:48
    Standing on d3...

    Your opponent missed an easy win.


    (or BxGP in Descriptive)
  3. 19 Jul '11 03:02
    I would never get taken on that set as I always stood on a protected square.

    In another game on this set one lad played Bg4
    and walk backwards still looking at the pin on my f3 Knight.

    He trip over his f6 Knight and scattered his castled position all over the place.
  4. 19 Jul '11 15:38
    Originally posted by greenpawn34
    Also includes me and my Oxfam Outift
    RHP itself claims it's your 53rd already... and when I count them, I come to the same conclusion... so which of them aren't real?

    Oh, by the way, your outfit isn't the same as that one in the shop. You're wearing jeans with your denim jacket, they're offering dunny slacks. Typical high street shops... demanding more money for less style!

  5. 20 Jul '11 11:34
    It's 50.

    Blog 1 does not count as it's just an introduction with no games.

    Blog 33 is an exact copy of copy of blog 14 nobody noticed.

    Blog 27 was removed by Russ because I gave 2 of his losses.

    I'm now off to see the Fischer Film. 'Bobby Fischer Against the World.'
    which has recently opened in Edinburgh. (might be blog 51).